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Star Fox: Assault (Nintendo GameCube, 2005)
Star Fox: Assault  (Nintendo GameCube, 2005) $26.96 - $119.99 3.00 Stars
4 Reviews
Fox McCloud is back in action on GameCube, taking the Star Fox team on an epic quest to protect the galaxy from a new and powerful threat. In addition to the character-based combat introduced in 2002's Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox 2 follows the groundwork established by the original Super NES and later Nintendo 64 game. Players will pilot the Arwing in space and above cities on a planet's surface as well as drive the Landmaster Tank. Fox can get out of the vehicle at any time to continue battles on foot, using a variety of weapons to defend cities under siege from the air and on the ground. Sniper rifles, bazookas, laser pistols, and more are available, as is the specialized help of crew Slippy Hare, Peppy Hare, and Falco Lombardi.

Star Fox 2 also includes a number of new characters that agree to fight alongside the Star Fox team, and players can even enlist their friends in a series of cooperative missions. Both players can go their separate ways using a traditional split-screen format, or they can fight together with one player acting as a wingman to help shoot down foes. The latter option has one player's character literally riding atop a wing or side panel while the other player focuses on piloting or driving. Those not in a cooperative state of mind can engage up to three other like-minded individuals in an assortment of battle modes taking place in the air or on the ground. Star Fox 2 marks the first GameCube game developed by Namco on behalf of Nintendo.
Cars 2: The Video Game (Nintendo 3DS, 2011)
Cars 2: The Video Game  (Nintendo 3DS, 2011) $17.76 - $20.98 0 Reviews
Based on Pixar's computer animated film, Cars 2 follows the exploits of car characters Lightning McQueen and Mater as they train in a secret facility known as CHROME, short for Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage. They are joined by Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, and others as they attempt to become the car-equivalent of spies. Unlike the original Cars game, which featured an open world version of Radiator Springs with missions to complete, Cars 2 emphasizes weapons-based competition across 15 tracks.

Choose from over 20 vehicles, each individually rated in speed and power, before outfitting them with such spy-themed armaments as machine guns and oil slicks. Complete training missions and battle rivals in six areas across the globe, from London to Tokyo. Cars 2 for the 3DS features local wireless support for up to four players, with each participant requiring his or her own version of the game. The StreetPass feature is also supported, allowing owners to unlock bonus content by communicating with nearby 3DS owners.
Pok???mon: Diamond Version (Nintendo DS, 2007)
Pok???mon: Diamond Version  (Nintendo DS, 2007) $30.15 - $30.15 4.25 Stars
16 Reviews
Pok???mon Diamond expands the series by offering trainers a new area to explore and the chance to catch three new creatures. Single-gamers may choose between male and female characters at the beginning of the game, and then begin their quest to become the League Champion. Players must work their way through Shin'ou, a previously unseen area that is based on the landscape of Hokkaido in Japan. Gamers must take on and defeat members of Team Galaxy, a new threat in the Pok???mon universe. Pok???mon Diamond enhances the series by allowing players to transfer creatures from their Game Boy Advance to the DS using the GBA game slot. Through a wireless connection, gamers may challenge friends to a duel, trade creatures, and talk with friends at the Pok???mon Union.
Star Trek: Encounters (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006)
Star Trek: Encounters  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006) $35.06 - $35.95 0 Reviews
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